500 Occupational Therapists across the UK and the USA in 6 months

Project requiring the placement of over 500 Occupational Therapists and Online Therapists in a 6 month period across the UK and the USA.As the profiles were similar but on mass and the timescales were tight the approach was slightly different.
This was a project where we had a four month lead time on start so as volume was high and timescales short, we hired and trained 9 full time dedicated Sourcing Consultants specifically to this project.
On top of this to keep the level of service we always aim to provide we kept the below.
Overall Account manager and responsible person– NonStop Director of Search and Account Management – 10 years industry experience works with the VP of HR at the client on the overall project management.
Full time Account Manager dedicated to the client on a full time basis – liaising with each HR Manager to co-ordinate the recruitment processes, divides the workload internally, screen candidates and organise interviews for candidates sourced ensuring consistent approach and company branding.